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Admission Section

Parents are welcomed to the admission cell department. Parents have to fill up basic information in the Enquiry form given. They will be further counselled and guided towards the Curriculum, Extracurricular and Co-curricular activities, teaching learning methodology; areas of assessment are explained satisfactorily during Admission counselling and make sure the conversion of Admission.

Admission is on first come first basis since we limit our batch size per class room.

Duly filled admission form is to be submitted in the Accounts Section along with the non refundable admission fees.

It is mandatory for the parent to fill up all the fields of the admission form including the medical history of the child as it is very important part of the Preschool records.

Once the payment is done the admission states to be confirmed.

Admission Section also holds the record of Admission Enquiries, Admission Form sold and Admissions confirmed.

School Rules and Regulations:

  • Students should come daily in neat & clean, ironed uniform.

  • Green colour uniform to be worn Monday to Thursday along with Green Socks and Shoes.

  • P.T. Uniform i.e. Light blue track suit to be worn on only Fridays.

  • School Identity card to be worn daily.

  • Hair must be neatly cut, oiled and combed. Girls should wear hair band.

  • Nails must be properly trimmed.

  • Wearing gold and silver ornaments are strictly not allowed, for the safety of the child.

  • Please clearly label all the belongings with your child's first and last name along with the class and division.

  • Students must be regular, punctual and courteous.

  • Must not leave class without permission.

  • Must not fight or push in corridors or staircase.

  • Must greet teachers or guests in a courteous manner.

  • Students should converse in English during school hours.

  • Students suffering from infectious or contagious diseases will not be permitted to attend school.

  • Every pupil must be present on the re-opening day after vacation.

Account Section

The vibrant structure of the school is a true representative of discipline, education, values and fun. You can view the beautiful premises welcoming you warmly while urging you to explore the legacy that it accommodates.

The Classrooms are big, each classroom is well lit and constructed thoughtfully in order for ventilation to prevail on generous scales. Classrooms are even decorated theme wise. The school also has Medical room with a designated nurse whenever need arises. A number of events takes place engaging the children in activities thereby developing their personalities in a beautiful environment.

Accounting is one of the Primary vehicles of record keeping.

  • 1

    Our Accounts department is well equipped with ERP system software which holds strong records with backups.

  • 2

    A separate annual account of Pre School is maintained by the organization.

  • 3

    The annual accounts are audited once in every year by the auditors appointed by the management for this purpose.

  • 4

    Our Account section is collaborated with JMCC bank present in the campus itself, making it convenient to the parents for the Payment of Fees.

  • 5

    Fees payments are done through Bank Challans prepared and given to the parents by Accounts Section.

  • 6

    Our Accounts Department always supports and guides Parents in the entire Fees Procedure, related to Cheque or DD.

Student's Section

It is essential to maintain records and reports in a preschool, since preschool serves as a guide to the child’s growth and development. Our Student’s section helps and supports the parent for the documents checklist and necessary documents required for the record.

The following records and registers are maintained in the student’s section.

  • 1

    School Attendance Register.

  • 2

    School Admission Register.

  • 3

    Visitor’s Record.

  • 4

    Confirm Admission Forms Record.

  • 5

    Student’s Medical Form Record.

  • 6

    Cumulative Record of LC / TC.

  • 7

    Issue of Bonafide Certificate.

  • 8

    Student’s General Register

  • 9

    Record of Children.

  • 10

    Maintenance and Administrative Record of preschool.

  • 11

    Stock Register.

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