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Music and movement

Involves finger play, action songs and rhymes to help toddlers learn how to listen and understand rhythm. They express emotion by learning to communicate through music and dance.

Art- Craft

Sports Activity

Involves play time activities like running, catching, hopping, inorder to develop muscular movements.

Indoor Play Activity

Involves activities such as block play, doll play, kitchen play, art and messy play to promote intelligence resulting in their cognitive development.


The fleet of bright yellow buses that Transport kids between their homes and the school. The Transport is supported by well driven and experienced drivers and well trained attendants.

Medical Room

Other Activities

Sand Pit

Sand play is particularly beneficial for developing a sense of textures. Not only is sand a new and different texture fo

Out in the garden

Involves outdoor activities such as climbing, balancing, throwing, catching, running, jumping, which promotes physical d

Library Facility

There is a Mini Library corner created in the classroom which exhibits a collection of colourful books that attract even those children who may not be fond of reading. We have a replenished Library collection in the attempt to provide the children with fresh content.

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