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Early childhood education aims at laying the foundation for education in the early years. The curriculum aims to help a child achieve his/her full potential and focuses on the overall development of children. The broad objective for preschool as outlined by the Early Childhood Education (ECE).
The learning programme aims at developing Numeracy, Literacy and General Awareness skills in young learners. The Curriculum comprises of meaningful and graded teaching of concepts and enrichment by way of activity oriented practice.
The Subjects comprises following learning outcomes:

Rhymes and Stories:

Boosts listening skills, speaking skills and various forms of expressions. Encourages participation through recitation and narration.

Literacy Skills:

Helps in both written and oral language learning. Builds vocabulary and reading and writing skills.

Numeracy Skills:

Develops Mathematical literacy. Reinforces cognitive ability and application of simple concepts.

General Awareness:

Develops an understanding of surroundings. Cultivates awareness with respect to society environment and people.


Develops phonetic awareness. The ability to hear, identify and speaks by connecting sounds. Helps listening, speaking and reading skills.


Lays foundation of Hindi language. Develops basic listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Art and Craft:

Sensory experiences cultivates aesthetics sensitivity, imagination and creativity. Helps give expression to emotions and feelings.

Learning Materials


Interactive methods adopted in Prodigy Junior Kidz tend to have a higher impact on the students. Such solutions, being teacher friendly, enhance the experience for teachers and students alike. Theme-based learning modules help elevate the cognitive abilities among children. Integrated learning also aims at education through multiple disciplines which makes learning enjoyable and more effective.

Children learn best by listening, seeing and doing. The digital support includes animations, chants, and interactive karaoke tracks to support the many songs, interactive flashcards, interactive tracing activities, and plenty of audio support, to make the lessons interesting, lively and more effective. Concepts in the book are enhanced by their digital versions and are explained in a high-impact manner with a number of examples from real life experiences.

Apart from the Theme-based learning outcomes we are also equipped with the digital lesson plans directly inbuilt in the system through our Publisher (Orient Blackswan). We also have digital - Jolly Phonics smart class as per the British Curriculum.

The children get more involved in the lessons their conceptions, understandings get clear and they enjoy the lessons.

Academic Management

Education can be called quality when it cultivates noble people and self motivated progressive societies. Mission quality education best starts with eyes on the end product we want.

Prodigy Junior Kidz is dedicated to raising individuals who are confident, creative, curious, innovative, appreciative, tolerant and empathetic.

Principal feels that what sets Prodigians apart is the unwavering desire to excel! To maintain such high standards of curricular and co-curricular goals, the management ensures that teachers undergo training workshops, intermittent internal and external audits, and develop a growing zeal for improvement. The Directors and deputy directors feels to equip students with an all-rounded boost, they share a commitment of high expectations between dedicated teachers, and students. They ensure that the students receive the very best of Pedagogy, teachers, activities, infrastructure, and a growing sphere of opportunities to shine.

We also practise a dedicated 10 minutes Circle time every morning where the kids open up about their lives that are not connected to the school in any way whatsoever. This provides the kids with a platform to speak their hearts out in front of a trusted group of individuals, friends, and teachers. Therefore making the school an extended family.

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